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Spring - For Your Information
Knowledge can help you make the educated decisions for your landscape investment through Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Let us help guide you in picking out the proper application for your seasonal projects.

With the landscape horizon forever changing its natural beauty through out the year, Phillips/Scott Landscaping can help your personal or business landscape investment grow and bring a touch of natures beauty to your home or office through out the four seasons.

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With the warmth and rebirth of spring finally here, outdoor living is back again. We can now look forward to that bright new horizon where the gentle southern winds of change bring us out into the ambient landscape. As each day grows longer and nights become shorter, the northern hemisphere tilts back closer towards the sun. It warms the land and climate a little bit each day creating that sudden flush of a plants life cycle.

It’s time again for one of natures amazing seasonal transformations. When the ground temperature begins to warm, it’s a sure sign for all of natures resting trees, shrubs and perennials to awaken from their winter dormancy. Their buds rapidly develop, breaking into its new leaf form. The new growth starts to emerge and soon to be born, multiple plant blossoms of floral color will brighten up the landscape that surrounds us.

These beautiful flowers will again provide nectar for humming birds, bees, butterflies and many other insects and animals species. As these critters move from one flower to the next, they are unknowingly transferring pollen for fertilization. Pollination can also be accomplished by wind, in cross-pollination or by gravity in self-pollination. This incredible natural phenomenon that nature offers creates new seeds in the form of grains, fruit, vegetables and nuts for the reproductive process in the seasons ahead. Be it conifers, deciduous plants, perennials, vegetables, bulbs, fungi or tubers, each one in its own time gives us a source of enjoyment, fresh air, food and many other natural resources.

The compelling process that a living plant uses to create and store energy for its seasonal journey begins with those rainy days in spring and sunny days of summer. The green color in a leaf called chlorophyll is this amazing natural mechanism that helps a plant produce its own food. Sunlight and carbon dioxide gas is drawn into the plant leaf or needle, creating photosynthesis.  In return, light, CO2 and water are converted into sugar-glucose, energy to feed the plant through out the year. This process also provides us with the essential byproduct in our lives we know as oxygen.

Now, as plants flush out their beautiful new growth, it is a safe and healthy time to divide, transplant and install many plants. Spring can also be a good time to establish a lush green yard by sowing in grass seed or colorful wild flowers.

In the next few months of spring, as plants stretch their roots out for water and nutrients from the soil that surrounds them, they will prepare themselves for the heat of summer. Now through out spring is certainly one of the best times to mulch in your plants, this will help them retain moisture for their health and beauty through out the season ahead. Mulching will also represses those nasty weed seeds waiting for their chance in the sun to reproduce and devour your flower beds. Just a thin coat of mulch is all it takes to dress up your beds and stop the sun rays from starting weed seed germination.

It’s finally a time to open the windows and spend some quality time outside in the fresh clean air of spring. Be creative and search for that perfect spot in your landscape to add some new specimen trees, shrubs or perennials. If needed our company can help you design and install new flower beds of any shape or size. We also could help you by making simple renovations to old existing flower beds with a fresh new garden design. It is best to do this before those dog days of summer arrive.

Here might be some ideas: a newly installed patio surrounded by seating walls, a tranquil water garden beneath a shade baring tree, or a trellis with flowering vines. You may even decide to add a relaxing pond-less water feature. Equally nice would be a fire pit for roasting marshmallows in the evening, with decorative stone benches to sit back and have a peaceful time in your gardens with friends and family. A meandering pathway leading to a secluded oasis for a hammock may be a nice get away too. Adding colorful seasonal changing perennial gardens, along with enticing spring to summer annuals would help add beauty to your landscape by attracting the ruby throat humming birds and many different butterflies and useful insects.

Allow your landscape to broaden this year with the help of a professional contractor like Phillips/Scott Landscaping who cares about the health and beauty of natures growing environment. Keep in mind that spring is a good time for landscape construction of any kind. If you are having trouble with ideas on what can help enhance your gardens, or how to expand your outdoor living space, please don’t hesitate to call us and set up a free consultation.

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Plant today and help keep the world a greener, healthier & brighter place.
Enjoy nature’s new growth this season.
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