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Winter - For Your Information
Knowledge can help you make the educated decisions for your landscape investment through Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Let us help guide you in picking out the proper application for your seasonal projects.

With the landscape horizon forever changing its natural beauty through out the year, Phillips/Scott Landscaping can help your personal or business landscape investment grow and bring a touch of natures beauty to your home or office through out the four seasons.

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Hours of Digging
Days of Sunshine
Weeks of Coaxing
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Bushels of Rich Soil
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They Would Gladly Make The Investment


For that brief moment as the sun had almost stood still at its lowest point in the sky, the twenty first of December was the day of the winter solstice. This is one of earth’s natural turning points in nature’s sensational climate change over. In winter, we can try to recall those days of wonder, staying home from school, playing in the snow and drinking hot cocoa with marshmallows while gazing across winters amazing forward movement to springs new growth.


More often than not it can be terribly cold in winter, but if indeed there’s snow around, it can look extremely spectacular drifted on the ground and the wind driven snow almost seems as if it’s intentionally painted onto nature’s resting trees, shrubs and perennials just for our enjoyment.


During the peak of the winter solstice, the northern hemisphere is furthest from the sun making that night the longest night of our four annual seasons.


Now that the solstice has gracefully passed us by, we can now look forward to the reversal of the gradual lengthening of night and shortening of day. As each day moves towards the spring equinox on March twentieth, the closing of winter time, the days grow much longer and the sun becomes higher in the sky. It brings the northern regions of earth back closer to the sun, warming the land and climate a little bit day by day creating that sudden flush of a plants life cycle in spring.


If it wasn’t for the earths northern and southern poles forever changing position in relation to the sun through out the year, we would not get to enjoy those incredible winter, spring, summer and autumn seasons.


Try not to forget the colorful winter birds that are always so active this time of year searching for those wild seeds for food and energy. When the seeds are done, the birds then scatter them around the forest floor. The seeds are now firmly fixed in place to germinate and be born in spring.  The ornery squirrels can be helpful in nature too when forgetting where they hid acorns and other seeds they’ve buried for their winter meals. They often leave plenty behind to grow into healthy new seedlings.


In the wintertime as plants lay in a dormant state, it is the healthiest and safest time to selectively prune most all trees and shrubs.


Pruning now, helps improve a plant’s appearance and greatly reduces the chance for disease. Cutting out dead wood not only contributes to the safety of objects below, but it also keeps out insects and rejuvenates old trees and shrubs.


Even young plants require selective pruning, this helps control size and form along with the strengthening of its trunk and branches for the years to come.

Wounds heal faster and close more rapidly come springtime when the cuts are made in the plants time of dormancy, do this before new growth starts to emerge in early spring.

Don’t forget those flowering perennial beds will also need to be trimmed back long before each plant begins to break through the ground surface below.

With years of experience working with trees, shrubs and perennials our company can help you with all of your pruning and bed maintenance this winter.

If you are having trouble with ideas on what can help enhance your gardens, now during winter, it is a perfect time to get a quote on those upcoming seasonal projects such as bed renovation, plant installation or hardscape construction.

We should all set our sights on looking toward to that bright new horizon come the spring thaw. Allow your landscape to broaden this year with our reasonable winter labor rate.

Prune now before spring’s ultimate flush and thank you for viewing our website this winter.

Stay safe and help keep the world a greener, healthier & brighter place.

Best regards, David Phillips

Owner Operator of Phillips/Scott Landscaping

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